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United Poultry Concerns To Adopt 25 Hens Rescued from Buckeye Egg Farm Disaster in Croton, Ohio

"They treat these hens abysmally. . . . It's just that this particular nightmare has become visible."
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns
Columbus Dispatch September 28, 2000

On Thursday this week, United Poultry Concerns will welcome twenty-five hens from one of the worst agribusiness disasters ever. When a tornado struck Buckeye Egg Farm in Croton, Ohio two weeks ago, over one million hens trapped in tiny wire cages could not escape. However, thousands of these hens have been rescued and continue to be rescued by animal rights activists. When the disaster struck, United Poultry Concerns and other animal rights sanctuaries across the country organized a successful rescue and placement operation throughout the United States.

The Buckeye Egg Farm disaster occurred just after United Poultry Concerns held the First Annual Forum in the United States On the Role Of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries in Promoting Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in Norfolk and Machipongo, Virginia, September 16th and 17th. Sanctuary directors from New York to California spoke at the Forum. When the Buckeye disaster occurred, we showed the power and commitment of the newest animal rights force in the U.S.: Farmed Animal Sanctuaries.

The Eastern Shore now has two active, full-time chicken sanctuaries. Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, which opened its doors in Princess Anne, Maryland this year, will take twenty-five hens from the Buckeye Egg Farm Disaster on Thursday this week along with United Poultry Concerns.

"What these hens have suffered is horrible, " says United Poultry Concerns president Karen Davis. "Buckeye has opened people's eyes to the nightmare of modern egg production. When people see the hens we're rescuing spreading their wings for the first time, they are moved to tears. Modern egg production has become so cruel and insane that even McDonald's has told its egg suppliers to change or lose McDonald's' business. We are grateful to be a part of the growth of public consciousness that we're seeing today in this country. Come see the Rescued Buckeye Hens in Machipongo!"