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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 5, 2000 Contact: Karen Davis 757-678-7875

Cowardly, Cruel, Unmanly: Chicken "Cowboys" Stoop to Sickly Stunts"

Machipongo, VA - United Poultry Concerns has formally requested The Hubbard Museum of the American West to cancel its sponsorship of the chicken roping scheduled for Sunday October 15 at the Ruidoso Downs race track. The event, which is part of the 11th Annual Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in New Mexico, degrades the cowboy tradition to dotage. We urge the Museum to divorce itself from roping chickens and to cancel the cockamaniac event immediately.

Chicken roping consists of chasing around, lassoing, and binding both the head and the feet of hens and roosters for entertainment. Joe Rhodes of Joe's Boot Shop in Muleshoe, Texas, sponsor of the chicken roping, told UPC president Karen Davis that roping chickens is a "children's game" necessary to bolster the "cowboy way of life."

Chicken roping signals that the cowboy tradition, whatever it was, is now in serious decay in lieu of significant satisfactions. Before it becomes a national animal rights publicity campaign, we urge the Museum to cancel the chicken roping.

If cowboys are going to bully birds who have done them no harm, United Poultry Concerns will publicize their cowardice. Grown men and women who think it's cute chasing and tying up terrified birds below their boots with little ropes, calling their cowbaby gags a "competition," are saying: "I don't respect myself or other living beings. I lack dignity and empathy. I'm not a stud. I'm a dud."

The Museum should drop the chicken roping and support clean fun not mean fun. We hope for a humanely educated response from the Museum.

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