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30 December 2011
Aveda’s Letter to Its Salons Urging Removal of Bird Feathers from Sale
Aveda Responds to UPC’s Campaign Against Rooster Feather Hair Extensions

Dear Aveda Guest,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Aveda.

We have sent a communication to our network of salons encouraging the discontinuation of feather extensions. We are happy to provide you with a copy of the communication below.

September 19, 2011

Dear Aveda Professional,

In a recent survey, a majority of Aveda guests and professionals expressed that Aveda’s environmental mission is personally meaningful to them. We attribute this to our remarkable network of salon/spas across the country who have partnered with us for more than 33 years to build sustainable, responsible businesses and give back to local communities. Because of this passionate alignment with our Mission, guests and professionals hold the brand to higher standards. To nurture the trusted relationship Aveda has built with our key stakeholders we constantly strive to ensure our practices fulfill our Mission.

Recently, we became aware that bird feathers and feather extension services are offered in our network salons, and we feel strongly that these products and services do not align with the Aveda Mission. As you may be aware, many feather extensions come from de-feathered and slaughtered roosters who are bred and genetically altered to produce long, luxurious feathers. Some may even be plucked from live animals, causing incredible pain. Our stance on animal welfare is one of Aveda's founding principles. We do not conduct animal testing, and do not ask others to do so on our behalf, except when required by law. While we are continually developing new products, our product safety testing relies on the use of volunteer humans, in-vitro testing and numerous scientific databases. Aveda’s brand culture is animal-friendly – from our corporate office and manufacturing facility, which is a Certified National Wildlife Habitat™, to the fact that a majority of Aveda consumers appreciate that Aveda conducts business in an animal-friendly manner.

We gave considerable thought to sending this letter as it is not our place to dictate what you should or should not do in the business that you own. As Aveda Salon/Spas, you are the face of our Mission and brand integrity. We know that whatever decision you make for your business you will do so with careful consideration to the Aveda Mission.

We consistently strive to provide you with Mission-aligned products and services that deliver the results and performance you and your guests’ desire. At times this may lead all of us to make difficult decisions, such as staying out of certain service or product offerings that compromise the brand’s values.

If you currently offer bird feathers or feather extension services and would like assistance in transitioning them from your business please contact your Aveda Director of Sales for assistance.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Aveda Mission.

Yours in Service to the Earth,

Dominique Conseil
Should you need further assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations team at 800.328.0849 between 8am-5:30pm Central Standard Time to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

 For a greener planet,

Aveda Web Relations

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