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20 December 2011
UPC Needs Your Support This Holiday Season

Why Support United Poultry Concerns?

Dear Karen & United Poultry Concerns,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our class last week. What started as a last-minute brainstorm turned into one of the most informative and influential presentations of the trip! Students were greatly moved by your passion, your heart and your ethics. I don’t think many of them had ever encountered someone who literally puts their whole being on the line for animals, and none had ever really thought about all the implications of meat. At least one student decided to become vegetarian because of your talk and meeting your birds. We really appreciate the time you spent with our class at your sanctuary and hope you’ll be able to meet with our next year’s class as well. Thank you very much. – Professors Bill Nelson and Tom Horton, Environmental Studies Department, Salisbury University (Maryland), June 27, 2011.

Holiday Greetings from United Poultry Concerns
proud rhubarb
From Our Hearts to Yours
evelyn and maxine
Photos of UPC Residents (Rhubarb and Evelyn & Maxine) by Davida G. Breier 2010
Thank You for Your Support

The above words are a shining example of the gratitude we gratefully receive each and every day from people who care about chickens, turkeys and ducks and who are inspired
by the dedication of United Poultry Concerns to creating a world in which no beautiful bird has to suffer and die miserably, ever again, merely for somebody’s meal.

While we confront heartbreaking cruelties every day,
and suffer the outrage of these cruelties, we make it our business to work all the harder for positive change. We know that good things are happening because of the work we are doing, and because caring people like you make our work possible. We can never thank you enough.

The issues are enormous, we realize. Millions of birds are dying horribly every day, deprived of their birthright of joy, just so that people can eat them and steal their eggs. We also know that chickens in their pain and sadness comfort each other in the terrible places we force them to live in. We know that they try to hide their faces under each other’s wings in the slaughterhouse as they wait in terror to be killed.

This is why our chicken sanctuary and all of our work is so important.

Each morning at United Poultry Concerns, 17 rescued roosters start crowing around 5am – “We’re ready to start our day!” Did you know that chickens see sunlight an hour before we do? Chickens see infrared light, so when it’s still dark outside for us, it’s daybreak for them.

As I write this appeal in the dark morning hours, a chorus of crows surges through the yard and I’m reminded once again of how vigorously alive roosters are and how writers through the ages have admired roosters and honored their dedication to their families and flock.


Renaissance physician Ulisse Aldrovandi wrote glowingly of the rooster in the 16th century:

He is for us the example of the best and truest father of a family. For he not only presents himself as a vigilant guardian of his little ones, and in the morning, at the proper time, invites us to our daily labor; but he sallies forth as the first, not only with his crowing, by which he shows what must be done, but he sweeps everything, explores and spies out everything.

Finding food, he calls both hens and chicks together to eat it while he stands like a father and host at a banquet inviting them to the feast, exercised by a single care, that they should have something to eat. Meanwhile he scurries about to find something nearby, and when he has found it, he calls his family again in a loud voice. They run to the spot. He stretches himself up, looks around for any danger that may be near, runs about the entire poultry yard, here and there plucking up a grain or two for himself without ceasing to invite the others to follow him.

A fundamental purpose of United Poultry Concerns since our founding in 1990 has always been not only to expose the horror and cruelty of poultry and egg production, cockfighting, poultry research and countless other cruelties. Our mission from the beginning has been to educate people about who chickens, turkeys, ducks and other domestic fowl are when they are Not suffering but are living the rich and fulfilling lives that Nature intended them to live. Our goal is to return poultry to their paradise lost.

Animal rights advocate and author, Norm Phelps, wrote of UPC in The Longest Struggle, “Thanks to United Poultry Concerns, chickens and turkeys are now front-and-center on the animal rights agenda.” We are proud of this tribute and of the work we have done to deserve it.

2012 will be United Poultry Concerns’ 22nd year of dedicated activism for domestic fowl. We look forward to the year ahead. Please help us make 2012 the Best Year Ever for the Birds. We – and they – count on your generous support. Thank you!

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Karen Davis, PhD

President & Founder
United Poultry Concerns

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United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization. Federal ID: 52-1705678. All donations are tax-deductible. A financial statement is available on written request to the Office of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218. Our 990 tax forms, Annual Reports & Audits are posted on our website at www.upc-online.org. To view these documents, click on About UPC on our homepage at www.upc-online.org/more_about_upc.html. Thank you.

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