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Please use the United Poultry Concerns website to see and appraise the range and focus of UPC's work. If you have trouble finding information on a specific subject please let us know.
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miss rhoda rhody (narrow) Precious UPC Resident, Miss Rhoda Rhody
Photo by Davida G. Breier
YES! I would like to become a member of United Poultry Concerns. Please use my contribution to help chickens and other domestic fowl, and to stop poultry abuse. Membership Dues are as follows:

More ways to donate to UPC:
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Enormous time, money, energy, research, and care go into UPC campaigns, publications, demos, investigations, and our chicken sanctuary. Without a commitment in the form of tax-deductible donations, there can be no United Poultry Concerns.
UPC Federal ID No.: 52-1705678
Do you want to be removed from our mailing list? Please tell us now. The U.S. Postal Service charges UPC for every returned mailing. Remailing the magazine costs UPC an additional sum. Due to the enormous cost of remailing, we can no longer provide this service. Thank you for your consideration. Please keep up your membership. We need your continuing financial support.
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