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July 25, 2002
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Frank Perdue Now Available as a Voodoo Doll
Bad Man Honored in Brainless Statue

Chicken abuser Frank Perdue was presented with a bobblehead doll in his image by a Baltimore Orioles baseball Farm Team on Saturday. The Delmarva Shore Birds distributed 1,000 little Perdue statues to the team's fans to pet or prick as they please.

Asked by reporter Chris Baker of The Washington Times to comment on the Perdue bobblehead doll award, United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis said, "I don't think Frank Perdue deserves to be honored by anyone but thugs and thieves." She agreed she would only be interested in obtaining a Perdue bobblehead doll to throw darts at. ("Perdue lets fame go to his head" by Chris Baker, The Washington Times, July 20, 2002).

According to Baker, Perdue's bobblehead may be a sign of the times. "Corporate accounting scandals have dominated the news in recent months, turning business executives into celebrities."

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