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12 October 2005
Contact: Karen Davis 757-678-7875

World Farmed Animals Day Event – Please Join Us in Silver Spring, Md

UPC Activists will handout Chickens & Turkeys brochures to shopper

Date: Saturday October 15, 2005

Time: 2 – 4 PM

Where Silver Plaza on Ellsworth Drive off Fenton. Meet at the fountain

Metro: Silver Spring

Parking: The Town Square Garage northeast corner of Ellsworth Drive & Fenton Street

In the U.S. each year, more than 8 billion "broiler" chickens, 268 million turkeys, and 150 million "spent" laying hens are slaughtered with great cruelty. Chickens and turkeys are crowded by the thousands into filthy, dark sheds contaminated with poisonous ammonia fumes, feces, bacteria and viruses. Forced to grow too big too fast, they suffer from lameness, respiratory infections, heart disease, and more. They go to slaughter with wing rot, pus-filled lungs and HYSTERIA because of how horribly they’re treated. Globally the number of birds slaughtered for food exceeds 50 billion a year. Is it any wonder there’s a global pandemic of Avian Influenza in birds and the threat of an Avian Influenza pandemic in people?

Hens used for egg production are painfully debeaked and jammed with 7 other suffering hens into small wire "battery" cages. The cages are stacked in filthy windowless buildings holding thousands of terrified, bewildered birds. Male chicks of the egg industry are ground up alive, gassed, electrocuted, or thrown into trashcans as soon as they are born.

Please join us at Silver Plaza in Silver Spring, MD on October 15 and help us tell people the truth about poultry and egg production and the joy of going vegan.

For more information call Karen Davis, 757-678-7875. Handout literature and posters will be provided.

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