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31 October 2005
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Poultry Press Wins Praise from Utne Magazine

UPC Publication One of the Ten Best!

"If you’re interested in ‘promoting the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl’ . . . I have just the publication for you." – Utne Magazine Nov-Dec. 2005

Utne magazine has chosen UPC’s quarterly publication Poultry Press as one of the ten best newsletters out of "Hundreds [that] come to the Utne library, an array extending far beyond the world of nonprofits and non-government organizations."

Accompanying his profile with a photo of our Summer issue, Utne librarian Chris Dodge writes: "Poultry Press, quarterly publication of nonprofit United Poultry Concerns, reports on chicken and egg industry horrors (‘Egg Company Threw 30,000 Hens into Wood-Chipping Machines,’ for example) and tells who to write and call to help prevent such cruelty. By donation from Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405; www.upc-online.org."

United Poultry Concerns is grateful to Utne magazine for including Poultry Press in its "compendium of some of the best" publications produced by "grassroots organizations and individuals, a category apart from industry newsletters that often cost a hundred dollars or more for subscriptions."

Utne magazine takes letters at editor@utne.com. www.utne.com

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Poultry Press costs upwards of $29,000 a year including research & writing, graphics design, printing, mail house preparation, US postal service, and database maintenance. UPC President-Editor Karen Davis and Website Administrator-Graphics Designer Gary Kaplan are responsible for the content and design of Poultry Press – keep it coming!

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