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17 November 2003

Karen Davis 757-678-7875

United Poultry Concerns Reports a Successful Student Protest Against the New Hampshire SPCA's Use of Suffering Animals to Raise Shelter Funds

Machipongo, VA - United Poultry Concerns (UPC), an animal protection organization, is pleased to report that the student protest at the University of New Hampshire, where the New Hampshire SPCA (NHSPCA) held a fundraiser on November 15, featuring dead chickens and fish to raise shelter money, "went very well," according to Animal Rights Group leader Larissa Mullen, who writes:

"We stood in front of the New England center from 4:30 until 7pm. Many people were very supportive. We got a number of people who were going to the event to take UPC flyers inside with them to pass out to other people inside. We actually had someone who read one of the flyers inside come back outside and talk to us and tell us that he supported us. I talked to the woman who was the NHSPCA's webmaster. She agreed it didn't make sense to post pictures of adoptable roosters on the website while the NHSPCA made money off a chicken dinner.

A few people were not as supportive. As expected, we had a few cave men and cave women yell at us. I was appalled to see a number of women going to the NHSPCA fundraiser wearing fur coats. But in all, the people who supported us far outweighed the people who did not. The NHSPCA could not ignore us. We'll see what they serve next year. I think it will be vegan!"

UPC's protest against the NHSPCA's inhumane fundraiser was reported by the Scripps Howard News Service on November 14: "Chicken huggers have a bone to pick with animal shelters in New Hampshire." According to Scripps Howard , UPC, which regularly protests against the "horrid conditions chickens endure on commercial poultry farms, is mad at the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for not serving vegetarian meals at its fundraisers."

This was the second year in a row that UPC urged the NHSPCA to choose a compassionate, morally conscionable fundraising meal plan. Pathetically, this year, rather than showing the compassion demanded of a self-proclaimed animal protection society, the NHSPCA dropped its beautiful vision of "a world in which every animal is well-cared for and loved" so that it could continue to foster a world in which billions of suffering animals are morally abandoned and tortured to death. This hypocrisy is no longer acceptable to the animal advocacy community.

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