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17 August 2004

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"Mad Cows To Mad Chickens" Conference
Hosted at the Norfolk Hilton

Machipongo, Va. - United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit animal advocacy group, will host our 5 th annual Forum, "Mad Cows To Mad Chickens," at the Norfolk (VA) Airport Hilton Hotel this coming weekend, August 21 and 22.

"Mad Cows To Mad Chickens: What Insiders Can Tell You About Agribusiness, Animal Liberation, and Your Diet," features animal rights "open rescue" investigators Paul Shapiro and Sarahjane Blum, Atkins Diet medical expert Dr. Michael Greger, and former employees of the U.S. poultry and dairy cow industries, Virgil Butler, Jim Mason, and Lester Friedlander, DVM.

The forum was inspired by our keynote speaker, former Tyson chicken slaughterhouse worker, Virgil Butler, and by growing public awareness of the cruel treatment of animals raised for food in this country and its link to human and animal suffering and disease. "Mad Cows To Mad Chickens" brings together experts on Mad Cow disease, the Atkins Diet, egg industry scams, foie gras production, chicken slaughterhouse atrocities, and more.

"Revelations about the horrific way animals raised for food are being treated, and the larger ramifications of that treatment and what we can do about it, are what this forum is all about," says United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis. "We invite the news media to attend this unique gathering of round-table participants in what promises to be a landmark occasion on behalf of farmed animals and human well-being."

Complete Forum information may be found by going to our homepage at www.upc-online.org

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. www.upc-onlne.org

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