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24 September 2003

Karen Davis 757-678-7875

Dairy Queen Announces Cancellation of Animal Abuse Ad Due to Protests
Chicken Basketball Ad to Cease Airing by the end of September

Machipongo, Va. – United Poultry Concerns has been advised by the American Dairy Queen Corporation via email that the company will remove its cruel ad in which chickens are treated like basketballs. Dairy Queen states: “You have recently contacted American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) regarding your concerns with the Dairy Queen ® commercial featuring the DQ® Chicken Strip Basket. I want you to know that ADQ is taking your comments and the feedback of others seriously. After careful consideration, we have decided to cease airing the commercial at the end of September.”

Dairy Queen may be thanked by contacting: http://www.dairyqueen.com/customer/cus_feedback.asp

To view UPC’s Action Alert, visit:

On September 9, 2003, United Poultry Concerns sent the following letter to the American Dairy Queen Corporation Headquarters:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl, I am writing to urge you, please, to remove the television commercial that shows basketball players throwing chickens as if they were basketballs. Even if the chickens are inanimate, this kind of image encourages children, teenagers, and others to abuse all kinds of defenseless animals and to disrespect animals. According to your consumer relations manager Carolyn Kidder, some of the chickens appearing in the commercial are animatronic while others were provided by a company. This means that you are not only promoting animal abuse; you are practicing animal abuse to sell your products.

With the increasing media attention that has lately been given to how badly chickens are treated by the poultry industry, and how much chickens suffer under these conditions, and how sensitive and intelligent chickens are – as documented by poultry welfare specialists – it appears that Dairy Queen is part of a backlash by the consolidated food industries to keep the public from caring about chickens even if they are badly treated.

Those of us who deal professionally with animal cruelty and law enforcement issues every day see the effect that a climate of cruelty has on young people and others who have not had the benefit of a humane education, and who lack compassion for others. I request that you review your contribution to this climate, and see if you can do something positive instead. Please withdraw the commercial. I would appreciate a response from you. Thank you.

Karen Davis, PhD, President
United Poultry Concerns

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