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Hair Care or Hair Horror? AVEDA Responds to UPC's
Campaign to Eliminate Feather Hair Extensions

“Recently, we became aware of feather extension services being
used in our network that we feel do not align with Aveda’s Mission.”
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In our last Poultry Press, we urged people to contact beauty care company Aveda and urge them to get rid of the rooster feather hair extensions being sold in their spas and salons. Glamorized by American Idol host Steven Tyler on television, these feathers are extracted from thousands of roosters who are cruelly caged and tortured to death with carbon dioxide by companies that tear out their tail feathers then trash the dead birds.

Aveda advertises itself as a compassionate, earth-friendly, animal-friendly company. Trusting Aveda’s message, readers of VegNews magazine voted Aveda “Favorite Hair Care” company in the 2011 Veggie Awards Reader Poll marking 12 Veggie Awards for Aveda. But as long as rooster feathers hair extension products are being sold in Aveda's spas and salons, this Veggie Award is compromised.

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Responding to our campaign, Aveda has acknowledged that the company now knows that feather hair extensions violate Aveda’s Mission.

In a letter to Aveda salons, President Dominique Conseil wrote: “Recently, we became aware that bird feathers and feather extension services are offered in our network salons, and we feel strongly that these products and services do not align with the Aveda Mission. As you may be aware, many feather extensions come from de-feathered and slaughtered roosters who are bred and genetically altered to produce long, luxurious feathers. Some may even be plucked from live animals, causing incredible pain. . . . If you currently offer bird feathers or feather extension services and would like assistance in transitioning them from your business, please contact your Aveda Director of Sales for assistance.”

Please thank Aveda for educating their network salons that feather products do not fit Aveda’s “animal-friendly brand culture” and should therefore be removed from sale. Unfortunately, Aveda’s president weakens his letter by saying “it is not our place to dictate what you should or should not do.” We believe it is their place and their responsibility. Please urge Aveda to develop and implement an Aveda Policy prohibiting animal products in their “animal-friendly” establishments. If their name is on it and they are profiting from it, they OWN IT. Kindly inform Aveda that your patronage of their spas and salons depends on their making their ethical “values” a Corporate Policy & Reality. Request a written reply.        

Dominique Conseil, President
4000 Pheasant Ridge Drive
Blaine, MN 55449
Customer Service: 1-800-328-0849
Fax: 1-800-236-4301


Thank you for speaking up & speaking out! For more information about this campaign, please visit
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