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Photo by Karen Davis

In August 2015, we adopted Gabby as a baby chick from Maryland. She was saved by a kind person who gave her to a fellow animal rights activist who brought her to our sanctuary, peeping nonstop. Gabby is now a full-grown beautiful and spirited hen, who runs up the brick steps each evening to sleep on our screened-in porch. When Gabby’s friend Felix the rooster died of a heart attack in our kitchen, on September 4, 2015, she ran to tell me about the terrible thing she had just witnessed and implored me with her loud peeps to follow her to the kitchen. Even as a baby, she knew something bad had happened. We are so grateful to have Gabby in our sanctuary. That's Ivan the rooster behind her in this photo. – Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

lorenzo the rooster
Photo by Richard Cundari, May 21, 2014

Our adorable rooster, Lorenzo, was brought to our sanctuary three years ago by caring people who said neighbors complained that he crowed too loud in their Raleigh, NC suburb. Living with us, Lorenzo can crow as loud and as often as he pleases! We love his exuberance and his sweet personality.

paco the hen
Photo by Karen Davis

Paco joined our sanctuary in August 2012, after she was rescued by Ronna Kirchert, who found her hiding under a truck in Northern Virginia outside Washington, DC. How Paco ended up under a truck as a very young, very small chicken, we don’t know, but what we do know is that she is a lovable, sweet, warmhearted, and very talkative little hen who lives happily with Princess, Dinah, and Desiree in their own special Hens Only yard with a cozy house inside.

nicholas the rooster
Photo by Karen Davis

Nicholas the rooster was picked up on a road in Beltsville, Maryland along with Nathaniel, in late December 2013, and taken to the Greenbelt Animal Shelter who contacted UPC about giving them a home. On December 22, we drove 7 hours roundtrip to get them and bring them back to UPC to live permanently in our sanctuary. Nicholas is a handsome, personable, gentle rooster who shares his predator-proof yard and house with 5 white hens – the Sentinel Angelicas – and a hen rescued during a cockfighting raid named Marilyn.

angelica and friends
Photo by Karen Davis

Angelica is one of the 5 Sentinel Angelica hens whom we adopted from a laboratory in Norfolk, Virginia in September 2013. Angelica and her sisters are frisky, friendly hens who love visitors and whose shyness quickly vanished once they arrived at our sanctuary and, for the first time in their lives, were let out of cages to walk on the ground, fly up to perches, and run around to their hearts’ content. They live with Marilyn the “game” hen, who welcomed them immediately, and Nicholas, the rooster, who adores them all.

petunia the hen
Photo by Davida G. Breier

Petunia came to us from a laboratory along with Roosevelt in 2009. She sleeps on a high perch in the Big House at night and enjoys her days in the yard with her friends, scratching the ground for food and fun, dustbathing, sunbathing and tripping up the porch steps on her balletic feet for treats. Petunia is a very active, sociable hen. Her year of living alone in a laboratory cage is far behind her.

marilyn the cockfighting hen
Photo by Davida G. Breier

Marilyn is one of 56 lucky chickens whom we welcomed into our sanctuary in January 2009. They were rescued from a cockfighting operation in Olive Branch, Mississippi and trucked in individual boxes to our Virginia sanctuary over a two-day period. On Sunday morning, January 25, the truck pulled into our yard, and we carefully unloaded 54 hens and two roosters. They were wild with excitement, hunger and thirst as they ate and drank greedily, and met their new friends. We quickly built a spacious new enclosure – yard and house – especially for Marilyn and her “cockfighting” flock mates. They have lived happily together at UPC ever since, our Misses-sippi and Mr-sippi friends.

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