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Photo: The Gentle Barn
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Give Some Time to a Lamb in Need
Stories and Information About Turkeys
    Turkeys are Beautiful Birds, Too Neat to Eat

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2008 & earlier
You never really got to see
The real turkey inside of me.
The one with a body my frame could have supported
The one with feet where my toes weren't aborted.
The one who could eat his food with a beak
Like a real bird and not a geek.
The one who wanted to have a mate
But was too large to propagate.
My life had one saving grace
And it was Karen Davis's place.
Yes, a human too was she
But one who took care of me.
I only knew fear and pain
Now happiness did remain.
Thank you Karen for giving me the chance
To spread my feathers and do a turkey prance.
In my last year, I almost got to be
The real turkey inside of me.
Love Boris 
By: Marie Gleason and Terry Kleeman
Photo: UPC boris-s (28K)

Turkey Industry
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