22 July 2017

Lucas County Fair Booth

UPC is pleased to share these photos and the wonderful news about the Lucas County Fair in Maumee, Ohio July 11-16:


Our booth at the fair was a success! We had 131 people fully watch the video, gave out hundreds of brochures, and talked to probably 400+ people! The buttons and books were a HUGE hit. A lot of interactions I did was with kids, planting the seeds of compassion. We didn't have any issues with anyone from the fair or with any fairgoers. I was often surprised by people who said yes to watching the video and who were interested in the literature. The photo with the man watching the ipad intensely actually took one of everything. The fairgrounds people themselves even liked one of our Facebook Check-In posts promoting veganism!

We still have some of your Chickens, Turkeys and Life Can Be Beautiful - Go Vegan literature left. We will use these in August at our booth at Toledo Pride on the 19th.

Many people, even the ones who were the "well, we raise our own animals for food" types, were shocked to learn that chickens have absolutely no protection under any animal welfare law. We used FARM's 100 Lives Video. It starts with chickens and what happens to them from debeaking to being boiled alive. 7 people couldn't get past the chickens. One person even screamed from the sight of it.

Thank You again,
Jessica Pacynski

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