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Roscoe, the Rooster Enshrined in Town Square

“He made us smile and brightened our days.”
– Roscoe’s Inscription Plaque
The beautiful memorial statue of Roscoe the rooster, beloved and protected for 10 years by Takoma Park, Md residents until his death in 1999, was formally presented to the community on October 8th at the Town Clock. The statue, created by Takoma Park artist Normon Greene, celebrated Roscoe’s life and the love he inspired in people. When Roscoe died, Takoma Park held a funeral service for him. UPC president Karen Davis served on the Roscoe Memorial Executive Committee that selected Normon’s submission. She and other committee members eulogized Roscoe and his friends, whose career she followed in The Takoma Voice and The Washington Post for 10 years. She recalled the time someone put out a bounty on Roscoe because he crowed at dawn and how Roscoe’s friends hid him until the coast was clear. United Poultry Concerns helped raise funds for Roscoe’s statue through our Newsletter and Internet Action Alerts. We thank our many members who responded with donations to support this worthy cause. To Roscoe with love, from UPC. . . .
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