United Poultry Concerns August 13, 2000
Feedstuffs article on UPC/forced molting
Feedstuffs: The Weekly Newspaper for Agribusiness Reports United Poultry Concerns Campaign to Stop Forced Molting, August 7, 2000, p. 8

The following article shows the progress and pressure of United Poultry Concerns' public education campaign to get the egg industry to stop starving birds.

(Reprinted from Feedstuffs)

UEP plans research about induced molting practice

ATLANTA, GA. - A recent campaign by the activist group United Poultry Concerns generated more than 5,000 cards, letters, and signed petitions to the offices of the United Egg Producers (UEP) in Atlanta, calling for the egg industry to discontinue its practice to force hens to molt, a practice that increases a layer's reproductive life, according to UEP.

United Poultry Concerns president Dr. Karen Davis said the cards and letters should be considered "a mandate" to cease forcing hens to molt through feed withdrawal and other means, UEP reported. Individual producers also have received letters arguing that the practice be stopped and "demanding" farm tours, UEP said.

UEP urged producers receiving such demands not to respond but to turn letters over to local police, expressing a concern that the letters may be a threat.

However, UEP also reported that, given mounting pressure to discontinue induced molting, including questions from government agencies, it has received a grant from the American Egg Board to conduct research into molting without feed withdrawal. UEP said the research will begin soon.

Cage space

About another animal husbandry issue, UEP reported that the Australian Egg Industry Assn. has reached an agreement with the Australian government to increase cage space to a minimum of 550 sq. cm (85 sq. in.) per bird. The increased space will be effective for all new cage systems beginning Jan. 1, 2001, UEP said. [United Poultry Concerns Note: in the U.S. each hen has 48 square inches of space in a cage holding from 5 to 11 hens.]

United Poultry Concerns. August 13, 2000

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(Action Alert - Feedstuffs article on UPC/forced molting)