Please Join United Poultry Concerns
for an
All Day Vigil Against
NY Live Poultry Markets

  • Contact: Bonnie Blitstein 212-367-6566
  • Where: 159 Grand St. Chinatown New York City, NY
  • When: Saturday Feb 6, 1999
  • Time: 11:00am(All Day)

We will be handing out copies of our "Live Poultry Markets" leaflet which has recently been translated to Chinese.

Birds in New York City markets come mainly from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New England. They are trucked from one spot to another often traveling hundreds of miles across state lines without water or food in all kinds of weather.

"These chickens are literally sitting on top of each other," says UPC spokesperson, Bonnie Blitstein, "not only are the cages stacked up, but the chickens are stacked up inside the cages as well!"

Live birds are sold stuffed inside paper or plastic bags to customers who can then keep them and kill them in any conceivable manner including letting children kill them. Many families (and markets) cruelly puncture a bird's throat and let the blood drain out slowly.

Please join us in speaking out for these birds. Leaflets, Posters, and Buttons will be provided. Participants are encouraged to dress in black to mourn the victims of this barbaric industry.

If there is a Live Poultry Market in your area, please contact UPC for copies of our "Live Poultry Markets" Leaflet, now available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Love is Best

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(Feb 6th, 1999, UPC Vigil Against NY Live Poultry Markets)