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10 October 2012
Australian Animal Liberation Members Stage
Macabre Demonstration, Cradling 100 Dead
Animals in Melbourne City Square
  • Activists silently hold animal carcasses to draw attention to hidden suffering
  • Many of the bodies found in factories and at roadside, said Animal Liberation Victoria

The protestors, from Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV), silently held dead sheep, pigs, kangaroos, chickens, fish, ducks and other species, claiming they wish to draw attention to the “hidden suffering of animals in Australia and around the world.”

The carcasses were found by ALV's rescue team, many of them dead or dying inside industrial animal factories, in paddocks or hit by vehicles and left to die, according to the organisation. Full story:

United Poultry Concerns Postscript: Animal Liberation Victoria founder Patty Mark introduced U.S. activists to the concept of the Open Rescue, in which undercover investigators admit to rescuing animals and documenting the conditions of their abuse on farms, in laboratories and elsewhere, at United Poultry Concerns’ First Annual Forum on Direct Action, June 26-27, 1999, in Machipongo, VA. “Issues of Direct Action were particularly illuminated by two different videos that were taken of recent animal rescues. Patty Mark from Australia showed her Action Animal Rescue Team's highly organized ministering to and rescue of battery-caged hens. The video showed the hens' faces up close. This powerfully captured their suffering and the gentleness and firmness of the rescue team, who make a point of contacting the police and getting arrested, thereby putting factory farms visibly on trial before the public and in the courtroom.” www.upc-online.org/forums

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