United Poultry Concerns October 24, 2005

Help 270 Brooklyn Chickens Rescued From Ritual Slaughter

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Please Help!

Donations and Homes needed for over 270 chickens rescued from ritual slaughter

Last Sunday, over 200 chickens were seized from a lot in Brooklyn, NY. These chickens were left to die in inclement weather conditions after being discarded following the observance of the Jewish kaparot rite by vendors camped outside. The ritual, which is not biblically or talmudically ordained, is observed on Yom Kippur by flinging a chicken around over ones head while saying a prayer.  The bird is offered in exchange for divine mercy and a peaceful life, then killed.

Kaparot has been condemned by many Jewish sages, who suggest the important goal of increasing our sensitivity to the importance of repentance and charity can be accomplished as well, and perhaps better, by substituting money for the unfortunate bird which is allowed. Thankfully, Judaism has no authentic history of vicarious sacrifice and this archaic custom is one most modern Jews prefer to waive.

Your Help is Needed!

When discovered languishing near the site, hundreds of chickens were crammed into crates, stacked on top of another. They were encrusted with feces, urine and blood. Most were severely dehydrated.  Some suffered from injured limbs and eyes. An investigation is ongoing.

On Monday, October 17th, Satya magazine ( http://www.satyamag.com) staff and IDA Issues Specialist Lawrence Carter-Long transported the 200-plus survivors to temporary housing at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary ( http://www.casanctuary.org). With the help of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's ( http://woodstockfas.org) director Jenny Brown and volunteer Kirstie Gholson all the birds were given initial health examinations and basic care. We are awaiting results from blood tests that were conducted to check for disease.

"Even years of activism could not prepare me for what I encountered when I first saw these unfortunate birds," said IDA Issues Specialist, Lawrence Carter-Long. "Severed toes, missing eyes and the stifling stench of urine and feces were overwhelming.  Sadly, this is probably only a small part of what the chickens had to endure after spending days outside, exposed to the elements.  We owe it to the animals we could not save to give these birds a chance to live out the rest of their lives in comfort."

What You Can Do:

1. Volunteers will be transporting many of the birds to the Eastern Shore Sanctuary ( http://www.bravebirds.org) and United Poultry Concerns ( http://www.upc-online.org) but more homes are desperately needed for these broiler hens and roosters. If you or anyone else you know can help find homes-even just one or two are lives saved-please contact Kymberlie Adams at: 718-928-8495 or via email at: kymberlie@satyamag.com.  She'll make sure you get them.

2. Monetary donations are needed to help us transport the birds in rented trucks to shelters as far away as North Carolina. And as you know, even Budget Rental isn't cheap. Whatever you can give-$10, $20, $100..every little bit helps-will be greatly appreciated.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Kymberlie Adams at: kymberlie@satyamag.com

Donations for transportation and housing are being sent directly to Kymberlie's PayPal account. Animal advocates can donate to the upkeep and transportation effort by clicking here http://www.paypal.com and sending money to the email address, kymberlie@satyamag.com

Thank you!

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