United Poultry Concerns December 13, 2004


Chickens raised for their eggs (layers) are the most abused of farmed animals. They are denied all their natural behaviors and desires. They are crammed into small cages without enough room to perch or spread their wings. Their cages are stacked one upon each other inside sheds that reek of ammonia fumes due to accumulated waste.

This is enough suffering for any being, but it is just part of a chicken’s misery. At this moment, over 6 million hens are being starved or “force-molted”. Molting is a process of replacing feathers that should occur naturally over the course of a year. It typically happens at the onset of winter when the hen stops laying eggs and focuses her energies on staying warm and growing new feathers.

The egg industry exploits this natural process by forcing an entire flock to molt simultaneously. They accomplish this by removing access to food and water for several days which quickly induces another laying cycle from these exhausted hens. This process of prolonged food deprivation or starvation represents extreme cruelty.

The FDA is currently accepting public comments on this practice. Please write, fax, or email and tell them that it is time to stop putting production and Agribusiness profits ahead of compassion.

Be sure to include "Docket Numbers 1996P-0418, 1997P-0197, 1998P-0203, and 2000N-0504"

Food and Drug Administration
Division of Dockets Management
5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061
Rockville, MD 20852

Fax: 301-827-6870

E-mail: fdadockets@oc.fda.gov

To learn more about this process check out the following web sites.


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