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29 January 2016
“Don’t Push Your Values”?

I first met vegan microbiologist JoAnn Farb, the author of this blog, in 1993 in a letter she wrote to me about her tour of a chick hatchery supplied by the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Her description was so vivid that I included it in my book Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry in the chapter “The Birth and Family Life of Chickens” (1996; 2009). Today I read JoAnn’s blog, posted Jan. 28, 2016, about her current experience in Lawrence, Kansas where she lives, of being shut out of “progressive” venues, a gesture she sees as part of a societal trend to impose an “ag-gag” restraint on speech that exposes “green-washing.”

Karen Davis, PhD, President United Poultry Concerns



“DON'T push your values!” by JoAnn Farb

That is a growing refrain among liberal intellectuals.

Yet, can you think of a single example of progress on a social injustice or environmental problem that was NOT a result of someone pushing their values?

We live in a time and place where increasingly conversations or ideas that challenge the status quo are being silenced by calling them, "Judgmental," "Extreme," "Sensational," or "Unwelcoming."

Please read my latest blog post titled:

Is Free Speech Dead in Lawrence, Kansas?

and let me know what you think.

JoAnn Farb


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