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26 May 2016
Tyson Caught Abusing Chickens – Again!


MAY 26, 2016 — A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation exposes horrific animal cruelty at a Tyson chicken factory farm. The hidden-camera footage shows thousands of baby birds living in overcrowded, filthy conditions and bred to grow so fast they often became crippled under their own weight. Many died from heart attacks or organ failure due to their unnaturally fast growth. Workers were caught on video spinning birds around by the neck to kill them and violently throwing chickens into transport crates with no regard for their suffering.

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen
Mercy For Animals

This is MFA’s fourth undercover investigation into Tyson facilities in less than a year, revealing ongoing and systemic animal abuse in the company's poultry supply chain.

Watch the video: http://TysonTorturesAnimals.com.

Then tell Tyson what you think by commenting under the most recent post on the company's Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/TysonFoods.

The birds are counting on you!

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