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12 October 2016
Arkansas Town Is Dropping Live Turkeys
From Plane Again This Year

“This is a horrific act of abuse.”

Every Autumn, the city of Yellville holds its annual Turkey Trot Festival, during which domestic turkeys are hurled from private planes traveling around 70 miles per hour at altitudes of 500 to 1,000 feet as part of the “Turkey Drop” tradition.

Once again, turkeys will fall at Arkansas festival, and it's legal

By Bill Bowdenm, Arkansas Online

Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton, a professor of poultry science at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, said wild turkeys stay at an altitude of less than 100 feet.

During the flyovers, turkeys are dropped from at least 500 feet, said Woods, citing FAA altitude regulations.

"You don't want to be so low that the birds don't have time to orient themselves and fly," he said.

But the plane ride alone would be stressful for the turkeys, Thaxton said.

"Placing turkeys in an environment that is new to them is stressful," she said. "In the case of an airplane, the noise would also be a stress-producing fear reaction.

"Dropping one from 500 feet is a horrific act of abuse. There is no justification for this practice."

Read the full article: Arkansas Online.



Also see the article published in the Huffington Post:
Arkansas Town Is Dropping Live Turkeys From Plane Again This Year.



The Yellville Chamber of Commerce hosts the Turkey Trot as a fundraiser each year. End this cruelty by calling or emailing the Yellville Chamber of Commerce and let them know how you feel about their abuse of turkeys:

Yellville Chamber of Commerce
(870) 449-4676


Urge the Mayor of Yellville to stop this cruel and unusual tradition. Currently the mayor's email inbox is full. If your email bounces, please wait a day or two and resend or call.

The Honorable Shawn Lane
Mayor of the City of Yellville
Yellville City Hall
(870) 449-6581


Law enforcement for Yellville is provided by the county sheriff:

(870) 449-4236
Submit animal cruelty report here:
Marion County crime tip submissions


Please sign and share this petition:

Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes


Thank you for taking action!


Bourbon Red turkey
Photograph by Mtshad


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