7 April 2017

Catholic School Teaches Students to Mistreat Chickens for Fun– Please Protest!

Teacher throws chicken for children to chase.

On February 24, 2017, St. Cecilia Catholic School, a PK-8 private elementary school in Broussard, Louisiana, conducted a “chicken run” ritual for Mardi Gras. In the video clip, 8th-graders and a male teacher throw chickens into the air to be chased, grabbed, and tackled, as in a football game, mistreating them strictly for fun, and possibly injuring them in the process. St. Cecilia Catholic School is teaching students that it’s good sport to be a bully as long as the victim is defenseless.

What Can I Do?

Please contact St. Cecilia Catholic School and protest the “chicken run” ritual. You are also encouraged to post a comment on the school’s and the TV station’s Facebook pages. Urge St. Cecilia Catholic School to change this abusive ritual into acts of kindness, leaving chickens and other animals permanently out of the school’s staged entertainments. No school should encourage children to enjoy hurting chickens or anyone else. Most likely there are students at this school who are ashamed of this ritual, but are afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule and reprisal.

Here are the contacts you need to Speak Out:

George Fontenot, Principal:

St. Cecilia Catholic School
302 West Main Street
Broussard, LA 70518
Phone: 337-837-6363 (If the message machine is on, leave a message and request a call back, including your phone number)

Tara Boone, Director of Curriculum:

Email: tboone@scsbluejays.org

St. Cecilia Catholic School Facebook Page:

St. Cecilia Catholic School
Comment on the 'chicken run' ritual here.

KATC-TV Facebook Page:

KATC on Facebook

Thank you for taking action!