5 September 2017

What Does Eating Have to Do With Art? A Lot!

Children creating chicken cutouts to hang on the wall.
Photo by Beth Lily Redwood

It all started when “The Story of Chickens” art project came to town. The artist’s plan for the month-long “exhibit,” which had been funded by a grant, was to display a group of chickens in a mobile pen for 30 days and then publicly kill them and serve them to her audience as a meal. . . . Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns, who helped us throughout the campaign, published a detailed account of the event in the UPC article, “The Story of Chickens: Closing Night.” – Judy Carman

Read Art Without Animal Cruelty by Judy Carman, Compassionate Arts, August 23, 2017


“Art materials are a multimillion dollar industry and so many contain animal bodies. If everyone went Vegan there would be no secondary market. It also happens that businesses that focus on alternatives to animal use, make superior quality art supplies.”
– Sue Coe via email, August 28, 2017.


Unsettled by the Dead Animals in Your Paint?
Welcome to the World of Vegan Art Supplies

High-grade art supplies now offer conscientious artists professional-quality work materials free of animal products—or animal testing.
Dylan Kerr, August 8, 2017
   Read the article: Unsettled by the Dead Animals in Your Paint?

Two women on a stage unfolding a display
Photo by Beth Lily Redwood

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