28 November 2017

Who is In Your Dog’s Food?

Published Nov. 27, 2017
by Kate Bratskeir

Mic reporter Kate Bratskeir looks at the pros & cons of trendy dog food products versus standard varieties, including an excerpt from an interview with Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns. Feeding our companion dogs and cats is especially challenging for animal advocates concerned about nutrition and the ethics of diet.

“Pretty much any part of an animal that doesn’t make the cut for human consumption can make it into pet food, Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, explained in a phone interview. Often, pet foods contain something called “rendered meat,” or leftover parts of an animal, which can include ingredients ranging from the liver and kidneys to the less-appealing bones and beaks. And sometimes, rendered meat includes protein from non-slaughtered animals that died from illness. (Certain brands host disclaimers on their websites to ensure their ingredients are not sourced from some of the more grotesque stuff, to abate customer concern.) Davis said some of the meat may also come from bird shredding, which she describes on her website as a practice in which unusable poultry — often male chicks — are macerated and sold for profit.”

Read the article here:
Should your dog be eating home-delivered, human-grade dog food?


What Can I Do?

chicks in a garbage bag
“Let us not be born.”
— Hatchery photo courtesy of The Animals Voice

As well as being vegan ourselves and getting others to join us, please explore vegan pet food options. We encourage everyone to learn all they can when considering these options. Discuss the diet with your veterinarian and learn more about vegan pet food products and nutrition from:

Evolution Pet Foods Shop

1081 Highway 36 East
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 1-800-659-0104
Website: www.petfoodshop.com

Vegan Essentials

Companion Animal Products
Phone: 1-866-888-3426
Website: www.veganessentials.com