22 December 2017

Support UPC & the Birds! We Need YOU!


“You do such good work – and are so much on the right side. Thanks!”
– Howard S. in Michigan, Dec. 2017


“I am new to the Eastern Shore and have great concern for the chickens I see in the trucks I follow on Route 13. I am so happy to have read your article in the Salisbury Daily Times this morning which put me in touch with your organization.”
– Jackie F. in Maryland, Dec. 2017


Rooster with hens
UPC Sanctuary Photo: Davida G. Breier ©2017


Karen holding a chicken
UPC Sanctuary Photo:
Davida G. Breier ©2017

Dear Friends,

We are extremely grateful to our supporters for enabling us to work hard for the chickens and turkeys and all birds cruelly exploited as edibles and entertainment for human beings. We cannot thank you enough for your ready responses to our Alerts urging you to write letters protesting the vile abuses of these precious and defenseless birds.

We look forward to your continuing support in 2018 with everlasting gratitude on behalf of the feathered souls for whom we speak and work every single day.


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Thank You!