31 May 2018

A Rooster Named Hot Thighs
Found True Love in Florida

Featured on NatGeo and Thrown a Birthday Party!

Friends celebrating with Hot Thighs the rooster

Hi Karen & UPC,

I went to a birthday party this past weekend for Hot Thighs, a Rooster who just turned 1. He was rescued by a girl who found him on the streets of little Havana in Florida and adopted a year ago by my friends, Janine Fuentes and Joana Griciute. Both of his feet were (and still are) deformed and he has a heart problem. But Janine and Joana demonstrated that compassion can overcome lots of obstacles. They acquired a padded ramp to his cage which is always open - he has the run of the house! Joana, who is a vet working on her license in this country, researched the best diet and they shower him with affection. At the one year mark he couldn't be more active and robust!

We're all looking forward to Hot Thighs’ 2nd birthday!

Jim Dunn

Dear Friends of UPC,

On this final day of International Respect for Chicken Month of May 2018, we’re thrilled to share with you this visual story of a rooster chick who was born with multiple health problems but who, this very month, celebrated his first birthday at a party held in his honor by his friends in Florida. First, meet Hot Thighs as a baby chick at the veterinary clinic (he was named Rocco at the time of his rescue) in this National Geographic video.

Video of Hot Thighs at the vet

And look at these photos of him now with his devoted family and friends . . .

Hot Thighs the rooster perched on an outdoor recliner

Hot Thighs pulling a baseball cap off Janine

Joana cuddles Hot Thighs

Portrait of Hot Thighs

Hot Thighs walking