2 November 2018

For the Turkeys! Vegan Cheese Sales Benefit UPC in November. Buy Now & Savor

table with crackers and various cheeses

In honor of the turkeys, for the month of November Miyoko’s Kitchen will generously donate 1% of online sales to United Poultry Concerns! Miyoko’s goal is to make the very best artisan vegan cheese and butter available worldwide. Handcrafted with love in California, Miyoko’s is committed to helping animals, the planet, and your health. Not only with their amazing dairy-free products, but also with their pledge to assist a different nonprofit each month. UPC is honored to be the recipient of 1% of their November online sales.

As a friend of UPC, you will get 15% off your November purchase of Miyoko’s products and help UPC at the same time! Your purchase will help us continue the important work we do for turkeys and chickens, so please place your order today.

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Thank you for helping to spread the word and enjoy your cruelty-free cheese!

Happy Holidays!
United Poultry Concerns