21 February 2019

Dead lamb that was abandoned
Lambs in genetics experiments. Michael Moss/The New York Times


Survey on Genetically Modified Animal Research and Use

Dear Friends,

I completed this survey by the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute and followed up with a letter to the Executive Director of Gene Ethics, Bob Phelps, and separately to the Roslin Institute contacts cited below. My letter follows the survey. You may want to weigh in as well.

Please note that Gene Ethics did not originate or design the survey. They oppose gene-modification and all other abuses of animals. They merely forwarded the survey for the information of those who care about animals, may want to complete it, or may want to know more about animal genetic engineering. Mutant Meat: Will Australia Deregulate Genetically Modified Animals?

Contact those who are responsible for the survey:

External contact
Jen Middleton, Press & PR Office, The University of Edinburgh
07795 640662

BBSRC Media Office
01793 414694

Thank you for speaking up for these animals.

Karen Davis, President
United Poultry Concerns

Your say: survey on CRISPR GM animal research and use

Please participate and share

Have your say on the use of new CRISPR GM techniques in farm animals. In this online survey give your views on 'gene editing' animals and eating their GM meat.

The University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute, where GM pigs have already been created, is asking the questions.

The survey:
  Gene-editing & food production survey

The background and contacts:
  Survey seeks to gauge public opinion on gene-edited meat

Forwarded from:
  Bob Phelps
  Executive Director
  Gene Ethics
  PO Box 400,
  Emerald Vic 3782
  Tel: +613 5968 2996
  Mob: +614 49 769 066
  Email: info@geneethics.org



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UPC president Karen Davis’s email letter(s) to Gene Ethics and to the Roslin Institute, Feb. 21-22, 2019

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United Poultry Concerns, Inc.
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I completed this survey despite reservations based on the fact that animals and plants are treated in the survey as if what is done to them is of equal moral consequence and of no moral consequence.

The survey allows no moral distinctions to be made between animals and plants, and by this observation I do not mean to suggest that what is done to plants doesn’t matter: it does matter.

However, treating living, sentient creatures as mere objects to pile abnormal amounts of muscle tissue onto and extract more eggs and mammary milk from, by whatever means, is unethical – all the more so given that we do not need to consume animals or their products at all.

This survey shows how totally lacking in care and respect for these animals the Roslin Institute researchers and their like are.

Learning how badly chickens and other animals are treated by farmers, agribusiness corporations, and agribusiness researchers, I stopped eating all animal products in 1983.

This survey excludes fundamental issues from consideration and clarification. People who respect animals, including not eating animals or drinking their milk or eating their eggs, do not think fundamentally, or exclusively, in terms of food. We think in terms of who is or is not in the “food.” We make our culinary choices and decisions on that basis.

Thank you for your time.



Karen Davis, PhD, President
United Poultry Concerns 12325 Seaside Road, PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405
Phone: 757-678-7875
Email: Karen@upc-online.org
Website: http://www.upc-online.org


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