21 June 2019

Call it what it is .... Slaughter! Not “processing.”

Why don’t you support vegetarianism?

Drawing of woman with knife approaching a chicken, by Leslie Goldberg
“With friends like these . . .” — Leslie Goldberg

Dear Friends,

Please post a note on the Facebook page of Mother Earth News objecting to their use of the term “processing” to describe killing chickens and other animals by DIY (Do It Yourself) slaughterers. You are also encouraged to send your message to Mother Earth News in an email to: info@eml.motherearthnews.com.


UPC posted today:

Those who profess an allegiance to authenticity and honest speech should stop calling animal slaughter "processing." Not only does this term intentionally disguise the fact of killing, but it shows how disrespectful of the victims the slaughterers truly are behind the euphemisms. If you cut a fellow creature's throat with a knife or put a knife through the roof of their mouth to paralyze them by "scrambling" their brains, you are abusing and killing your victims, not "processing" them.
— Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns



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Home Poultry Processing

Learn how to humanely, safely, sanitarily, and skillfully process your birds at home. Understand why the conventional way of processing is the worst way and can ruin meat quality. Get healthy, high-quality meat and bone broth from your backyard flock. Processing your own birds is a lost art of our culture. It’s time to bring back this old tradition so that how to process poultry is common knowledge in homes and communities. This is the ultimate “know your source” for poultry and eggs.

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