23 January 2020

Humane Hoax logo: an outline drawing of a sitting pig


2nd Annual Humane Hoax Online Summit

NEW DATE: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Due to technical issues, we rescheduled the
Humane Hoax Online Summit for this Saturday!

Faced with growing cultural criticism of large-scale animal agriculture, corporations, manufacturers, and consumers alike are turning towards so-called “humane” methods of animal farming and seeking out alternative labels on their animal products. These falsehoods and myths–the Humane Hoax–range from large farms with thousands of animals to your neighbor’s backyard, yet exploitation and suffering are omnipresent in every method of husbandry. For our second conference, we will delve deeper into the humane hoax with speakers from a range of different perspectives. This event is co-sponsored by United Poultry Concerns, Compassionate Living, and Triangle Chicken Advocates.

Please join us this Saturday, January 25, for this inspiring event as we advance our important discussion of The Humane Hoax!