10 February 2020

Announcing UPC’s 9th Annual Conscious Eating Conference

2020 Conscious Eating Conference: Making Connections: Overlapping Oppressions

Saturday, February 29, 2020
David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA

United Poultry Concerns' Conscious Eating Conference features bold, informative speakers sharing their expertise on issues affecting farmed animals. This year we explore overlapping oppressions with these questions: What is the best way for us to represent veganism and animal advocacy that recognizes multiple, overlapping oppressions? How do different forms of oppression prop each other up? How can we create supportive alliances? Please join us for this exciting day that includes the Animal Rights Herstory Panel detailing the struggle for animal rights since the 1980s.


Featured Speakers:

Jasmine Leyva
Jasmine Leyva

Jasmine Leyva, Filmmaker

The Invisible Vegan: A Journey of Compassion

Growing up in inner-city Washington DC at a time when drugs, poverty, and the prison system were consuming black lives, Jasmine C. Leyva was not in a landscape that fostered animal rights as a priority. In fact, she was introduced to animal rights from an adversarial space— these white people care more about animal lives than black lives. And to reinforce that idea, she saw only white people associated with the movement. Ironically, she moved to Los Angeles, transitioned to veganism and directed The Invisible Vegan, a documentary that champions animal rights. Jasmine will share how she reconciled her past beliefs and went from adversary to advocate.

Carol Adams
Carol Adams

Carol Adams, Author and Activist

On Trying To Be an Antiracist Vegan Feminist

Multi-oppression analysis has been available for at least 40 years; but as the animal rights and vegan movements promoted the voices of white men, those analyses were silenced. Recent studies have shown that whites take up more climate space than people of color, but whites in the vegan movement also take up more theoretical and conversational space. Trying to be an antiracist vegan feminist involves decentering whiteness in theory and practice. Decentering whiteness requires being aware of our own white privilege and how the animal rights and vegan movements often maintained white privilege rather than disturbing it.

Christopher Sebastian McJetters
Christopher Sebastian McJetters

Christopher Sebastian McJetters, Author and Activist

White Meat: How Did Animal Exploitation Become a Signifier for White National Identity and How Do We Fight It?

The resurgence of white nationalism in the 21st century has been observed in many ways, but few have documented how it shapes our relationships with other animals. In this lecture, Christopher Sebastian will provide key examples of how the alt-right uses animal exploitation as a calling card and why solidarity with other animals is necessary to collectively resist discrimination and bigotry against all persons irrespective of species membership.


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