19 September 2020

Humane Hoax logo with drawing of hen

The Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar Videos are Ready to Watch!

On September 12, the historic, first-ever webinar focused solely on chickens was a wonderful success! We had a fantastic day of inspiring speakers and informative content. The presentations spanned generations of knowledge with experts on specific chicken issues sharing their decades of experience as well as younger activists working on the frontlines offering creative ideas and encouragement. Hearing from passionate people with deep compassion and knowledge about how to care for the most vulnerable among us offered much needed hope and inspiration in this dark time. We hope that you will enjoy and share the videos of this extraordinary event.


Here are a few comments from our attendees:

“This is so inspiring!” –Barbara

(regarding Karen’s presentation) “I learned more about how chickens suffer throughout the slaughter process. It's unacceptable and sad that people don't care.” –Robin

“Thank you, Mary Britton Clouse! What a wonderful and informative video!!” –Judy

“This is all fascinating. Thank you for sharing.” –Jake

(regarding Nora Constance Marino’s presentation on Kaporos) “Fascinating story! I did not know about this horrific custom before. Thanks, Nora, for all you are doing to change it.” –Sheryl

“Thank you for fighting the strong fight for chickens!” –Sebastian

“Fantastic presentations from Karen and Justin!!” –Christa

“Excellent webinar! Everyone was terrific!” –Linda

“Thank you all for everything you do. I have been feeling emotionally exhausted and disheartened lately, but this is lifting my spirits. Your hard work, dedication, and love for all animals is what we need in this world. THANK YOU!” –Holli


Karen in a video conference from her desk

United Poultry Concerns and Triangle Chicken Advocates are the sponsors and hosts of the Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar.