1 December 2020

Dear Friends of UPC,

Today is Giving Tuesday! Today we proclaim our special thanks to YOU our supporters who make our advocacy for the birds possible with your generous donations and inspiring words of gratitude and encouragement. We know that you know we are tireless in our pursuit of justice and compassion for the chickens and turkeys and for all suffering creatures who share our world in this difficult time which for them is eternity.

At the same time, we give thanks for the birds we’ve been able to rescue and provide a loving sanctuary home for through the years. On Thanksgiving Day this year, I enjoyed the company of our sanctuary residents and am sharing with you three photos I took of some of our hens and one of our roosters, Kahlua. Looking at them in our wooded predator-proof sanctuary haven, we hope you will be inspired to make a tax-deductible donation on their behalf.

For Our Shared Love of All Birds


Thank You for Your Support!

Sanctuary hens

Kahlua the rooster with hens

Hens near the house
UPC sanctuary photos by Karen Davis, Nov. 26, 2020