7 December 2020

Closeup of Mundie the chicken
Make Lemonade — Mundie

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2021 Chicken Run Rescue Calendar

Good Humor Tonic for an Oh Dear Year

Help us celebrate 20 years of rescuing chickens by purchasing the 14th edition of the Chicken Run Rescue Calendar. As a tonic for the angst of the 2020 world, the theme this year is the humor engendered by the birds through their unexpected, curious, intelligent, mischievous, playful joy of simple things.

This Anniversary calendar features 14 of the 1,190 birds who taught us who they are and how to help them, and includes a guest photo of residents at United Poultry Concerns, our mentor and inspiration. CRR was the first and, until a few years ago, only urban chicken rescue organization in the US. Now teaching others to help the birds is a primary mission. Give them as gifts and open some eyes!

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Chicken Run Rescue

Chicken Run Rescue fosters an evolution in critical thought about who is food and who is friend through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education.


Help all animals by adopting a vegan diet.
Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions.


The Real Cost of Eggs

  • Laying hens have been bred to lay incessantly. Chickens in the wild lay fewer than 25 eggs a year and can live to 30 years old. Contemporary laying hens are forced to lay between 250 and 300 eggs a year and develop reproductive disease which is the cause of up to 90% of mortality in egg-laying flocks beginning at the age of 2 years old. It is a protracted and horrible death. Google “laying hens and ovarian cancer” and “egg yolk peritonitis in laying hens” and choose “images.”
  • For every laying hen there is a dead or abandoned rooster. Google “male chicks.”
  • Chickens are Tropical Jungle Fowl and need serious and costly protection in Minnesota’s extreme hot and cold climate.

Perspective is Everything - Raj
Raj the chicken bending over and looking back through his legs