10 May 2022

Fool the People With Real Fake Birds

Chicken that appears sick being held in chicken enclosure
Perdue Farms photo by Mercy For Animals.

“The good news is, vegan food technology means the birds on the menu need not be real” – Animals 24-7

Asked by Animals 24-7 for a quote for an article about a political satire campaign featuring government-planted fake spy birds on telephone wires and power lines – a hoax that drew a segment this month on the CBS TV show 60 Minutes – I said I’d watch it “to be sure that the Birds Aren’t Real campaign does in fact oppose and obliquely protest the government’s massacre of real living, beautiful birds.” Reassuringly, the organizer of Birds Aren’t Real told the 60-Minutes interviewer that it does indeed oppose the government’s massacre of real living birds.

In addition I proposed that “perhaps a variation on the Birds Aren’t Real campaign could be a Chickens & Turkeys Are Real campaign in which fake birds are shown living in squalor on factory farms to reassure poultry & egg consumers that the plant-based poultry & eggs they are unknowingly eating come from 'real' chickens and turkeys and are not 'fake.’” – Karen Davis

Read the article including my further comment, here:

"Birds Aren't Real" ––if only those in poultry barns were not

60 Minutes segment:

Birds Aren’t Real: The conspiracy theory that satirizes conspiracy theories