7 November 2023

Rest In Peace Karen Davis with flowers and photo of Karen

Animal Activism Mentorship:


Karen Davis

AAM is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of animal rights legend Karen Davis. Karen dedicated her life to bringing to light the plight of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and all birds through the writing of her books, public speaking, her sanctuary, and her work with United Poultry Concerns which she founded in 1990.

AAM is honored to have hosted Karen for three AAM workshops where she generously imparted some of her wisdom about birds. Sharing that time is a special memory we will continue to hold dear.

Her workshop, Liberating and Caring for Chickens, educated the public on the abilities of chickens and advocated for their protection. She detailed ways to rescue chickens and care for them, all with their well-being and interests in mind.

Her workshop, Turkeys: Who Are They and Why Should We Care , is dedicated to advocating for Turkeys. She shows that they are intelligent and emotional birds whose natural intelligence is alive and well despite the abuses of domestication that they have endured.

An Insider Look at the Modern Poultry Industry details in painful accuracy the horrors of the industrial chicken meat and egg industry throughout history and today. She relays decades of personal experience and eyewitness accounts of the industry.

Please join us in honoring Karen’s legacy by listening to her impactful words, continuing to learn, and remaining steadfast in the fight for animal liberation.

For the ducks, for the chickens, for the turkeys, and for them all...


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