United Poultry Concerns September 27, 2006

ACTION ALERT from LA Activists– Annual Weeklong Chicken Sacrifice in Los Angeles - We Can Win This One!

For information contact: Nazila Mah 310-621-8788 or 310-429-5889.
Email: Nazilahi@yahoo.com

Today (9/27) between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. PT, please join fellow activists to Name & Shame the Organizers and Participants in the Bloody Chicken Sacrifice known as Kappparot! (Also spelled Kaparos, the word means atonements.)

For 6 days until Oct. 1, Morning to Night in Jewish Areas in Los Angeles (in front of adults, children, and babies), to supposedly transfer human sin to the chicken, these pitiful birds are first swung around the practitioner’s head. Then the vocal chords are slit so the chicken cannot scream in pain, and then, still alive, these writhing bloody infants are thrown into a PLASTIC TRASH BAG WHILE STILL WALKING AND LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT WITH THE HEAD CLINGING TO A CUT THROAT. To view this torture on video taken in 2005, go to: http://www.unevil.com/temp/RitualKill/
(It takes about 10 minutes to download.)

If you get this alert in time, please join the demo:
WHERE: Congregation El Moshe, 8644 Pico Blvd at Sherbourne
Signs and Flyers Provided.
Any Questions? Call 310-621-8788 or 310-429-5889/

Please come for the chickens’ sake. We are confident that the combination of Public Shaming, Media Exposure & Appeals to Compassionate Jewish Leaders will yield success by Next Year.

If you do not attend the demo, Please phone Congregation El Moshe and tell them what you think: 310-652-1533 & 310-550-6377.

UPC Note: Kaparos is not a Jewish law, but a custom that originated in the middle ages. Most Jews perform atonement with money or other charitable contributions for Yom Kippur. For more information about Kaparos: http://www.upc-online.org/kaparos/.

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