United Poultry Concerns October 25, 2004

90 hens rescued from illegal cages in battery unit

From AR-News

Received anonymously:

"90 hens rescued from illegal cages in battery unit

On the night to October 23rd, members of the Swedish ALF broke into Fridtuna Agg, a battery farm in Ljungby and liberated 90 hens from a life in living hell.

In 1988 the new animal protection law passed in Sweden which said that in a period of 10 years time all cages should be taken away.
This did not happen and now 16 years later many hens are still caged in the same system.

The raided farm was reported to the police on animal cruelty charges in 2002 by the ministry of agriculture, but was freed in the court.

The activists from DBF broke into the battery farm and thousands of hens was in cages. Many of the hens were in bad condition. 90 hens was rescued and hundreds of eggs smashed and slogans sprayed.

All the hens has been taken to new homes where they will live a happy life.

When the laws cant protect the animals, it is our responsibility to take
action. Respect the animals, not the laws!

Keep fighting!

Djurens Befrielse Front, DBF
Swedish ALF"

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