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26 February 2012
Help ANIMAL PLACE Save & Rehabilitate
Thousands of Starving Hens in California!

United Poultry Concerns is pleased to post this Action Alert for Animal Place, a leading California farmed animal sanctuary. Thank you!


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February 2012  

I have to keep this short. All of our staff are in the field right now, caring for thousands of hens we saved this week from a horrible cruelty case at an egg farm. 

Almost 4,500 hens are alive and recovering after nearly starving to death on a central California egg farm.  

This is the largest and most expensive rescue we have ever undertaken.  

We need your help to care for the thousands of hens who are now safe and sound at the sanctuary. 

Animal Place and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary were the first on the scene to A&L Poultry where 50,000 hens were left without food for more than two weeks.

After tense negotiations, all healthy hens were released into our custody.

All the hens are malnourished and emaciated, some more so than others. Many need special medical intervention, including subcutaneous fluids.  

I know you will want to help. Please donate today.

With compassion for all life,  

Kim Sturla
Executive Director 

PS. Your gift today will provide life-saving treatment to the rescued hens.

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