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5 September 2013
Hens Fly to Loving Homes at
United Poultry Concerns & Other Sanctuaries!
They landed safe & sound in New York today!

You’ll be hearing more about this amazing flight of 1,150 hens from California to New York. Meanwhile, The Guardian published a lovely article yesterday about the rescue of these hens by Animal Place from a battery-cage operation in California.

1,150 chickens will fly the coop to New York thanks to anonymous benefactor.


chickenadvocate” Karen Davis posted this grateful Comment to The Guardian:

04 September 2013 9:16pm

Thank you for your wonderful article about the flight of the hens from California to the East Coast this month! My organization United Poultry Concerns, in Virginia, is adopting 50 of these precious birds. They will live in our sanctuary, sit under the trees, run around our grassy yard, sunbathe, dust bathe, and perch peacefully every night for the rest of their lives with our other hens and roosters, experiencing a semblance of the happiness chickens are supposed to enjoy in the world of beauty to which they contribute when they are not living in filthy, cruel cages that only a demon could dream up. Hens have the loveliest way of tripping through the grass when they're eager about a discovery.

Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns.

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