United Poultry Concerns May 9, 2003

Swedish Animal Rights Group Open Rescue

In the early hours of Sunday April 27, 2003, Swedish animal rights group
"Bye Bye Egg Industry" entered the Gimranas Inc. hatchery, the largest
chicken breeder in Sweden, and one of the largest in the world, and
destroyed machines responsible for hatching and brooding millions of eggs
each year. The Bye Bye Egg Industry activists committed this action openly,
with the purpose of preventing thousands of hens being born to a life full
of agony. As a direct result of the action, 42,000 eggs just a few days old
were cooled down, meaning that over 20,000 hens were never born to a life of
suffering. The activists face four years in prison but are likely to receive
a lesser sentence.

Photo and full report at www.openrescue.org/news/index.html

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