30 March 2022

What to Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals

Menus and Ideas To Inspire People Who Want to Eat as if Life is Precious

Created by Veda Stram, Editor of the All-Creatures Newsletter & a Board Member of United Poultry Concerns

"Veda Stram has produced an amazingly comprehensive, readable guide to abundant living that leaves animals and their ‘products’ off the menu and out of the house. This guide is both practical and ethical, a joy to savor and share. No one reading it can complain that vegan living is ‘too hard’ or restrictive. Especially important in my view is that the guide shines a light on the lovingness of the animals whose feelings and lives we violate by burying them ‑ needlessly ‑ in commodities."

~ Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns

What to Eat book cover

What to Eat When You Don't Eat Animals: menus and ideas to inspire people who want to eat as if life is precious