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17 July 2015
Light the Path
A Worldwide Virtual Animal Rights Event

Please join United Poultry Concerns, Direct Action Everywhere and other coalition groups for a worldwide online action for farmed animals. From cities and countries all across the world, animal rights activists will be standing in solidarity with a promise to the animals that we will continue to expose the violence against them and light a path towards a better world. A path towards animal liberation.

On Saturday, July 25, at 8:30 pm, activists from all corners of the globe will show solidarity and unite for animals by wearing a blue shirt, holding candles to honor the lives of animals who suffer at human hands and post the photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #LightThePath. You can post the photos on your own page and the LightThePath event page. The location could be near a place that exploits animals.

Thank you for standing with us and being a voice for animals everywhere.

Felix the rooster
[Photo of Felix the baby rooster by Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns July 16, 2015]

“I am Felix. Until yesterday I was nameless and 3 days ago I was hopeless. I fell off a truck taking me and my friends from one violent place to another, but a kind person saw me lying on the road and brought me to the Eastern Shore Animal Hospital in Virginia where my smashed wing had to be amputated. So here I am today next to Karen Davis at United Poultry Concerns feeling happy. Please light a path for my friends, who are all dead now, and for all of us who cannot be saved until we chickens are liberated from being ‘chicken.’”

“Last week, I was here.” – Felix

Chickens crowded on a factory floor
Eastern Shore chicken house photo by David Harp courtesy of United Poultry Concerns


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