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21 December 2015
Tell Chicken Giant Perdue to Stop Appalling Animal Abuse

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Petitioning Perdue Farms,
Bruce Stewart-Brown, Jim Perdue, Randy Day, Joe Forsthoffer

I’ve worked at many farms and seen a lot of cruelty to animals, but I still wasn’t prepared for what I saw at a Perdue chicken factory farm in North Carolina.

I watched in horror as workers kicked and stomped chickens to death or picked them up by their heads and spun them around to break their necks. One worker picked up a chicken and threw her hard against the wall and then violently kicked her. Others grabbed birds by their wings, legs, and necks and threw them into transport crates with no regard for their welfare.

What I saw was beyond disgusting. But you don’t have to take my word for it. I used a hidden camera to document the abuses I witnessed. I reported these abuses to the owner and called the Perdue hotline, but saw no corrective actions taken. At Perdue Farms, cruelty to animals is just business as usual.

I also turned my video footage over to law enforcement with a detailed legal complaint. Based on my video footage and testimony, law enforcement arrested the worker I filmed stomping chickens to death and charged him with felony cruelty to animals.

I am thankful that law enforcement has acted quickly to pursue justice on behalf of these abused animals. But stopping one animal abuser at this one Perdue facility won’t help the millions of chickens treated the same way in other facilities across the country. We need to do more.

Because of caring people like you, who sign petitions like this and use their voices to speak up for the voiceless, we have already seen some of the biggest food companies make changes that reduce the suffering of millions of animals.

For example, after hearing from thousands of people through Change.org, Nestlé, Walmart, and Starbucks all made commitments to ending some of the worst forms of factory farm cruelty in their global supply chains.

There is no reason Perdue can’t do the same.

Please, take a moment to sign my petition calling on Perdue to stop torturing chickens and adopt meaningful animal welfare standards.

Thank you.
Undercover Investigator


Ways You Can End This Cruelty

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Perdue Farms
Chairman of Perdue Farms Jim Perdue
President of Perdue Foods Randy Day
Director, Corporate Communications for Perdue Farms Joe Forsthoffer
Chief Veterinarian and VP of Food Safety and Quality at Perdue Bruce Stewart-Brown
I was horrified to see hidden-camera video from Mercy For Animals showing workers at a Perdue contract farm kicking and throwing chickens, and stomping them to death. Video footage also shows countless birds—purposely bred by your company to grow unnaturally fast—struggling to walk with crippling leg deformities or dying in agony from heart attacks related to rapid growth.
This horrific cruelty has no place in a civilized society and must be stopped!
I am writing to ask that Perdue Farms move quickly to end many of the worst forms of animal abuse . . .


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Thank you for taking Action to help these birds!
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