10 January 2018

“Slaughter-Free Flesh for Humanity”

By Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

A fellow animal rights activist argued on Facebook this week that meat grown directly from animal cells without the animals “will do nothing to end the identifying in the public mind of animals and food; indeed it will likely fix it there. The promotion of meat of this sort is thus a pernicious undermining of animal liberation.”

Karen Davis: “The public mind already does not identify animals empathically with food. Most people who claim to love animals switch gears where eating is concerned. If ‘clean meat’ can significantly eliminate animals from being born into the misery and murder of meat, this, in my view, is 100% better than the present disconnection in most people's minds between living creatures and cuisine, the result of which is a daily global animal holocaust. Surely, non-sentient cellular flesh is better than this.”

When asked, “How do you feel about the idea of using HUMAN cells for meat?” My answer is: “I am fine with using insentient human cells. As for the countless billions of animals forced to exist hopelessly and helplessly for their flesh, I want them to be liberated from ‘meat.’ ‘Clean meat’ could be the most expeditious way of accomplishing farmed animal liberation.”

This exchange arose from my comment posted on the January 5 Wall Street Journal website regarding Matthew Scully’s article, “‘Clean Meat’ Could Make Livestock Obsolete.” It’s a review of Clean Meat, Paul Shapiro’s new book on “How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World.”

My comment:

“This article is heartening and I am grateful to everyone who is on board with the clean meat revolution. Those who insist this meat isn't ‘natural’ must recognize that the suffering bodies and housing conditions in which billions of chickens and other agribusiness animals are caged are the opposite of natural and, as such, they inscribe misery in every bite of slaughterhouse flesh. I eagerly welcome every technology that relieves animals from the misery of meat. We should be proud of our willingness and capability to get the slaughterhouse out of our kitchens and off our plates.”

You need a paid subscription to the WSJ to read and comment on Matthew Scully’s article, but Dawn Watch’s Karen Dawn posted the article in full on her Facebook page to enable nonsubscribers to read it, and subscriber or not, you can submit a thoughtful Letter to the Editor at wsj.ltrs@wsj.com.

WSJ article: ‘Clean Meat’ Could Make Livestock Obsolete

If “clean meat” could eliminate this, it would be a miracle.

hens hanging from shackles with their necks cut open
Millsboro, Delaware chicken slaughterhouse photo by Carol McCormick