United Poultry Concerns
4 June 2009
Urban Chicken-Keeping Has Caring Friends in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
UPC President Karen Davis Addressed Residents on Saturday May 30


A group of local food growers and green community activists in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are hoping to change an ordinance that bans keeping chickens in the city. In April, the city council forced Schirlyn Kamara and her husband Saheeb Sabur to remove twenty hens they were lovingly keeping as pets in their community garden.

The garden is part of a program called Dig It! started by Saheeb and Schirlyn 5 years ago to help inner-city teenagers learn responsible skills. Schirlyn and Saheeb love their chickens, who are currently living happily with friends just outside the city, and they visit them often. Schirlyn told the Lancaster New Era in April, "As soon as you go into the garden, they would come to you."

On Saturday May 30th, UPC president Karen Davis gave a talk to the group at the Ad Lib Café in downtown Lancaster about providing a good home for chickens, and was deeply inspired by the warm reception and interest in chickens shown by the audience. A lot of what Karen talked about can be read by going to the Chicken Care section of United Poultry Concerns' website at www.upc-online.org/chickens/.

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