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5 February 2010
“Creature Feature: Coming Home to Roost”
The practices of big agribusiness - and some irresponsible locals -
may bring chickens into your shelter

This excellent article by Carrie Allan appears in the November-December 2009 edition of Animal Sheltering, a bimonthly magazine published by The Humane Society of the United States. It features interviews with UPC president Karen Davis, Chicken Run Rescue director Mary Britton Clouse and other dedicated chicken caregivers about the opportunities and challenges of caring properly and compassionately for chickens in animal shelters, sanctuaries and rehabilitation environments. The article discusses the growing trend in urban chicken-keeping, and the changed perceptions in people who get to know chickens as individuals, as well as the change that chickens themselves undergo once they feel safe and secure and “know they’re in an environment where they matter.”

For more information about providing a good home for chickens and recommendations for municipal regulation of urban chickens, go to and
Recommendations for Municipal Regulation of Urban Chickens (external link)

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